Monday, October 8, 2007

#31. big babool bachhe aur murti ka rahasya

comic name: big babool bachhe aur murti ka rahasya
language: hindi

read online at:
big babool bachhe aur murti ka rahasya

download & then read:

download link

size: 3.41 mb
pages: 32


Anonymous said...

Hey I would like to do an exchange link whit the other site u have onlineindiancomics1.blogspot

We already have an exchange link whit this blog and we thougt your other blog is cool if u put a link to on 1 let me know so I can do the same


Jewateswar Singh said...

Frankji,meharbani karke mera advice manlo aur jada se jada Phantom/JamesBond etc post karo!!

Meine tumahra explanation nahi samjha...."there r many indrajal blogs"?? ...phir tumne yeah blog kyun crete kya??
Alag comics post karo,magar quality pe dhan do yaar!!

So,please excuse maat do and post comics that MORE junta wants....NOT these altu-faltu stuffs!!

It's a frndly request ,dost.

frank said...

@Jewateswar Singh: i dont have any james bond comics with me.
about quality: plz. tell me exactly wat errors are there so that i can correct them!
and remember different people have different choices, the comics that u like others may not & vice versa. so all users interests have to be kept in mind.

Anil said...

Dear Frank,where are you?
Hoping for a comic soon.

Anonymous said...

HI friends if u want to read more comics please visit

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