Saturday, October 6, 2007

#29. phantom #72

comic name: phantom
edition: 72
publisher: diamond comics
language: hindi

read online at:
phantom #72

download & then read:

download link

size: 16.4 mb
pages: 115


ANIL said...

Iam fortunate to be the first one to comment.Its really very kind of you to deliver the comic,Frank.
You know today people are so crazy about Phantom/Mandrake(including me)and when they see any,their joy gets doubled.
Thank you so much.

sAg_NiK said...

Nice comic,mate!

And scan-quality also perfect!

P.S.- Do ya've any Diamond-Mandrake???

frank said...

@sag_nik: watch this blog for more...

Anil said...

Dear Frank, it was really very kind of you to post that one.
Please continue to post these along with your other fantastic comics.
If you have, please post no.51 of Diamond Phantom Digest'Ordinary Life'someday.I'll be very grateful.

frank said...

@anil: will take a look into it.
but i think that the next one will be a mandrake(diamond comics).
[will post it when its turn comes, SO NO REQUESTS FOR EARLY POSTING]

√úbermann said...

great !!! Awesome!!!

appreciate your effort here... Just love Phantom comics.. remind me of my childhood memories..

Vandna said...

My goodness...I had almost forgotten what they were like..I just landed upon ur page somehow...and wow..! the nostalgia..!!

sunitakadam said...

appreciate your effort here... Just love Phantom comics
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