Monday, October 8, 2007

#30. nanhay samrat (april 1998)

comic name: nanhay samrat
year: april 1998
publisher: diwan publications
language: hindi

read online at:
nanhey samrat (april1998)

download & then read:

download link

size: 11.7 mb
pages: 63


Jiwateswar said...

=>Frank:Kyun yeah sab faltu comics publish kadti ho yaar? Isi mein mehanat pani pe jati hai.......rather store ur Energies for good stuffs,like Phantom etc ONLY.....publish more Phantom (Indrajal plse!!)& sometimes James Bond etc...


Anil said...

Dear Jiwa,
these guys really do take trouble of posting some good comics.Its not that Phantoms are not posted,if you have a closer look,you'll find some here.
Different people have different tastes.Even Iam a ardent fan of Indrajals/Phantom/Mandrake/Bahadur and even Manoj Comics.
So let's respect the blogger and his choices first.We can only hope.
Its a matter of time,if he has,he'll post them.
Dear Frank,please post some vintage Manoj Comics alongwith a Diamond Phantom digest no.51 if you have, in good time.Take your time.Thanks

frank said...

@jiwateswar: there are many blogs for indrajal comics. search for them and u will find many.
this blog is a collection of various indian comics, not only indrajal comics. & indrajal comics will be posted when its turn comes.

@anil: i dont think i have any manoj comics! & sorry i also dont have phantom #51 (the phanom & mandrake digests are very rare and not easily available in the market.)
but if someone has it i will get it and scan & post here.

Anonymous said...

bhai download link is not working please mail me the oldest edition of nanhey samrat @
will be really grateful

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