Tuesday, July 31, 2007

#7. Lambu Motu aur Bhooton ki Jheel

comic name: lambu motu aur bhooton ki jheelpublisher: diamond comicslanguage: hindi

read online at:
lambu motu aur bhooton ki jheel

download and then read:

download link (click here)
size: 6.41 mb
pages: 32



brokemember said...

Good work....thinks for all these comics. I am an avid comic fan and have missed all these comics. Rajan Iqbal, Lambu motu....all were my favourites as I was growing up. Do you have some ram rahim too?

frank said...

will search for it and post the links asap.

brokemember said...

Thank you...Frank. Also, do you also have some Chacha Chaudhary comics....I do remember one involving RAKA....do you have the entire Raka Series. I think I might have one of them, will look for it and will let you know. I might also have some Dhruv and Nagraj comics. I will send them to you if you want them.

frank said...

i have 2 chacha chodhary anbd raka series comics, and i have all the nagraj and scd comics till date.
thanks for u interest.
for latest comics do visit:

sAg_NiK said...

u really bring my childhood heroes..though REAL ONE yet 2 come...CHACHA CHOUDHARY n SABU!....i've ~70 comics of him & was an ardent fan (nowdays it's mostly Indrajals)

P.S.- will we see any 'mandrake' strips??

navi said...

thanks brother. its really a gem. i hope we get more lambu motu very soon. keep up good work.

if you got latest comics of doga or bheriya of raj cokics please also post that

Colonel Worobu said...

Very nice work Frank! Even though I do not speak Hindi, I appreciate and encourage your effort.

ope you might post some English stuff as well in the future :o)

Best Wishes,
Col. Worobu

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