Sunday, July 22, 2007

#5. Lotpot #1366

Comic Name: Lotpot
Edition: 1366

Language: Hindi

read online at:
lotpot #1366

Download & then read:

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size: 6.92 mb
pages: 40


Comic Guy said...

Frank do you have the Lotpots of the 80's Lotpot was on its popularity peak at that time.The Motu-Patlu character was created by Kripa shankar Bhardwaj and was main attraction of Lotpot along with Chacha Chaudhry's 2 page feature,although Lotpot is being still published but writers for Motu-Patlu have been changed and many popular features are not remaining no more.

frank said...

sorry i only had one rest were lost in transit from my old home to the new one.
but will still look for more..

Sanjay said...

LOTPOT was the popular humorous/funny/cartoon magzine of seventies, which was published from New Delhi. I thought, it was the first magzine of funny cartoon characters, published from India in Hindi language. Its cartoon characters are famous MOTU & PATLU, Master GHASEETA RAM, Doctor JHATKA, CHELARAM & DHELARAM etc. The famous cartoon characters had been drawn & story was written by the cartoonist BHARDWAJ. He was the great artist and story writer of all time. His ideas was great. The publisher of the magzine"LOTPOT" was also very wise persons. The column named "Jawab CHACHAA BATOONI KE" was also very good. Answers replied to readers was very funny and tricky. Other serial story of "Vaigynik Pintu Ke Karishme" was also very informative and encouraging. Short cartoon stories of "ChelaRam & DhelaRam" and "Doctor Jhatka" was also funny. Vichitra Sawal was good to increase the Knowledgeble and to think answers in some other direction. The serial cartoon story of "Jamboo" - the chimpangee, was a sentimental story.

Sanjay said...

I was having the lots of collection of those old LOTPOT magzine, but unfortunately, termites spoiled all of them. That was the very sad day of my life. If any one having all those old issues of this magzine may contact to me at and I will be of very grateful to him. Is anybody Knows the address of its writer Mr. Bhardwaj, who is still publishing this old MOTU-PATLU's story from Diamond Comics. DO write to me at above Email.

Sanjay said...

It was first cartoon picture story book of India
It was really a funny book as its name suggest a LOTPOT one. Other short cartoon clips found in magzine was also found to be very funny. I can not forget this magzine forever. I was having the very good numbers of this old magzine named - "LOTPOT" but unfortunately, the white ants chewed it all. It was the very sad day of my life. I cannot forget neither "LOTPOT" nor its creator Mr. Bhardwaj, though I donot know the full detail of Mr. Bhardwaj but he was great.

Sanjay said...

After 1974-75, unfortunately, the publication of this original "LOTPOT" stops. May be due to some dipute between its original creator or due to windup of the business of its publishers. After, a few years later, A new LOTPOT came into existance with a new design/drawing artist and story writer. But this time, the character's caricatures are dull and story was very bad. You cannot even read it very bad indeed. "Boohoo hoo" was the famous notorious word of the cartoon characters, which really bind you too to cry in that manner only. This "New LOTPOT" was the biggest failure. But anyhow upto the few years ago, It (this new boring LOTPOT) was publishing.
After a big leap of years, once again these comic characters (made and written by its original creater Shri Bhardwaj), once again appeared on "DIAMOND COMICS". Some stories was old and some stories was new but the essence of OLD LOTPOT magzine was absent. That chemistry was great, when "motu - patlu" mixed with "Chacha Batooni" and "Vaigyanik Pintoo". The original essence and ideas of stories of MOTU & PATLU was great. Great of all time.

gamerman said...

thanks for uploading this comic. lotpot was the first comic book i have read in my childhood.

gaurav said...

thx man

Anonymous said...

Here is the address of Comic Artist and creater of famous characters MOTU-PATLU of Lotpot.
Now a days he is looking for a new Comic Publisher for his new characters.
Add:Kirpa Shankar Bhardwaj
Q-165 South City 1-Gurgaon(Haryana)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Original Lot Pot stopped around 1976-77.

In 1974-75, I remember one series that included...a flying carpet story --- Dr Jhatka, Sister Madhubala, Motu, Patloo, ---the best part was Dr Jahtka amputate one hand and one feet---and wrongly attached hand in place of feet and feet in place of hand....and big drama.

If someone has those Lot pot, let me know, I will pay very good money..

Anonymous said...

In my childhood I wished when I growup earn money and buy all cartoon books like Lotpot, Madhumuskan, Amarchitrakatha, Indrajal comics to read at night (as there wont be any homework). Old comics are now not available but I still have to do homework at night ( replying mails, preparing ppt).

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