Monday, February 4, 2008

#54. Champak #757 ( may 2002)

comic name:champak
edition: 757
year: may 2002
language: hindi
read online at:
Champak #757

download link:
rapidshare link

size: 36.5 mb
pages: 97


The Phantom Head said...

97 scan pages. I can understand the effort. It's exceptional. Though I am not too keen on reading Champaks but appreciate your sincerity.

dArA said...

Do ya have many 'Mandrake DC',specially in English???

Plse then post a few.....I'd enjoyed immesenly that DC#59 ..featured two Post-Indrajal Dailies 208 & 210(of 1992)!!! :D

P.S.- as an Archie's fan....I love those Digests too! Do ya have any 'Cheryl Blossom'(in Archie Magazines)stories??

Frank said...

@the phantom head: thanks

@dara: mandrake digest #68 (in english) is coming soon...
and i only have one Cheryl Blossom (issue01)

dArA said...

Thnx 4 prompt reply!
Btwn,is that DC#68 contained 1st Mandrake story 'incomplete'(i.e. finished in a textual format)??
It was DC's policy to publish some Mandrake strips in aPart-wise,thus if one don have consecutuve DC's....stories remain incomplete!

I'm not sure whether is that few months back,I got a chance 2 buy one Mandrake DC,but I declined as that was incomplete....I think #68!

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