Sunday, January 13, 2008

#50. Mickey Mouse Digest #52

comic name: mickey mouse digest
edition: 52
publisher: indian express egmont publications
language: english

read online at:

Mickey Mouse #52

Download link:
rapidshare link

size: 39.2 mb
pages: 104


Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks for the Comic Frank. A nice change from Ijcs.

Anonymous said...

Are all you guys who post only Rapidshare DL comics links paid to do so by Rapidshare?
Is it some kind of conspiracy for you to force people to become Rapidshare customers?
Can't U use free download networks like Emule and Bittorrent?
Whats the point of 'sharing' when non-subscribers for Rapidshare can only d/load 1 file per day????

Please promote the spirit of sharing by using only networks that allow free download!!!!

Frank said...

@Anonymous: i am not working for rapidshare or any other file hosting company, its just that rs is the best of them all.
if u want p2p links u can up them urself, i dont have time to upload on every p2p client.
and if u cant use rs dl using picasa ( by following the read online link given above), for more on picasa ask google.

The Phantom Head said...

Congratulations for reaching this milestone of 50. You are doing a good job. I also love disney characters but a 40 MB filesize is somewhat discouraging. Can you pls reduce it a bit?

About rapid-share, I don't find much difficulty. A simple disconnect and reconnect is all it takes if one has dynamic ipas. Most have.

Frank said...

@ the phantom head: the size is due to the fact the comics contain >100 pages, so quality has to maintained in the scans.
quality can't be comprimized for the just reducing size. though i try to keep it as low as i can!

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