Thursday, November 1, 2007

#37. archies comic strip II

comic name: archies comic strip II
publisher: various magazineslanguage: english

read online at:
archies comic strip II

download link:

rapidshare link

size: 29.6 mb
pages: 12


Jiwtessar said...

Arre murkh,will we see some Phantom comics!! Don waste ur bandwith/money in these bogus ones,rather post only Phantom comics

Dobby said...

Mr.Jiwtessar if you can't appreciate anybody you don't have any right to demoralize him also.If you simply don't likes what he posts why do you come over his blog!!!!!He hasn't invited you rather.
'Kisi ki tareef to seekhi nahi,chale hai buraai karne' huh...

Jiwtessar said...

Kafer Dobby,tune meri baat samjha hi nahi!!If I don like this blog-site,why am visiting??
Accha lagta hai,tabhi na??

And u r hypocrite too,I dead sure ,you don't downloaded these but try to be crtisise me!!....

Tell me,what the point to post some rubbish,whch koi bhi d/l nahi karega???????????

#Frank:O ji,samjha karo meri baat aur post karo Vetala! Will you?

frank said...

@jiwtessar: contact at the e-mail given at the end of page.

Chandan said...

Come on,dear J.S
Have some respect.I find u always commenting here for wrong reasons when the poor guy is trying to post whatever he can.
He does a good job.Its his blog.
Do u visit CW/ICC/MTM ?
Or are u not aware?
These people are posting Phantom/Mandrake gems ,infact priceless ones.How come u never comment there?Looking at the interest shown,u should be flocking like mad over there.
Do u agree?
Comment yaar,this is the time.

Jiwtessar said...

O Frank ,kya tum mujhko datoge mail par ?? Is liye contact karneki liye blo rahi ho??

frank said...

@jiwtessar: just e-mail with ur problems to the adress. i think a solution can be found!

Dobby said...

jiwtessar download karna na karna ek alag baat hai aur kisi ko appreciate karne doosri,maine kai tinkles d/l ki hai frank k blog se.Chandan ne theek kaha agar aapko Phantom/Mandrake chahiye to CW/ICC/TPH blogs ko click karo aur unse aur Phantom/Mandrake ki demand karo.
Kisi bhi blog author ko demoralise karne ka koi right nahi hai aapko.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy all these comics a lot, but I can't understand why the downloads are only for Rapidshare subscribers - why not make them accessible to emule or torrent users (which are free)?

Ps I unfortunately can't understand Hindi replies so can u use English

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