Friday, September 28, 2007

#27. Hansti duniya #9

comic name: hansti duniya
vol.: 34
edition.: 9
language: hindi

read online at:
hansti duniya vol.34 no.9

download & then read:

download link ( click here )

size: 6.71 mb
pages: 69


Anil said...

When am I going to see Mystery of Gandor?
Actually I was hoping to see it by this weekend,that is if you have it.Please reply.
Hope Iam not demanding too much.

frank said...

i have taken ur request.
i am not at home this week, so when i will reach home, then i will search for it and then post.

frank said...

@anil: i have "phantom and gandor devta" which was published in phantom #72 by diamond comics in hindi language.
will dis do?

Anil said...

Yes Sir,it will very much do.
Iam very comfortable with both English and Hindi.
Thank you so much.Its a great thing that you acknowleged my request.Hope everyone enjoys this comic.Looking forward to it.

sAg_NiK said...

plse post that 'bird-of-gandor' comic !!

And,as TCP quitted,can we see some Mandrake Sundailies here????


Annabhi said...

Do ya really have the 'Gandor Mystery'?
Then plse scan-n-post here!! Dying 2 see those scans :)

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