Tuesday, August 21, 2007

#17. Aakashganga ki rajkumari

comic name: Aakashganga ki rajkumari (mandrake)
publisher: indrajal comics
language: hindi

read online at:
Aakashganga ki rajkumari (mandrake)

download and then read:

download link(click here)

size: 5.9 mbpages: 29


Anonymous said...

This comic has been posted already at Comic World.Please take care not to repeat the comics which have been already published at other blogs.
Otherwise you are doing a nice work

M Pattabiraman said...

Repeats I am sure are unintentional. So it doesnt matter. Repeat or not the joy of a a new comic post remains unabated. Great work. Truly appreciate it.


frank said...

@anonymous: i can assure that the comics posted in this blog are my own scans and uploads.
and as for this comic "Aakashganga ki rajkumari" i didnt knew that it was already posted on comic world.

Colonel Worobu said...

Hey Anonymous: It is OK if the comic that Frank scanned has already been posted somewhere else. It is not nice to take an accusative tone and admonish him. It is not Frank's job to keep track of what others have posted and scan accordingly.

If you can't say something nice about someone, silence might be a better idea.

Anonymous said...

@Frank,Col.Worobu:I think i am misunderstood.There was not any slightest idea of any accusation in my intentions.
The point which i thought to put out was only that to avoid any repeatations so that we comic fans can get more no. of comics from these wonderful blogs.
I know to keep track of comics posted over all blogs is practically near to impossible job but if possible you(Frank)can atleast can keep track of more popular blogs viz.TCP,CW,ICC to avoid any repeats.
This was the only motive behind my comments nothing as such like any sort of hard feelings.

Colonel Worobu said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding


frank said...

@anonymous: ok, no offense. i will now search thoroughly before posting any indrajal comics

Mozz said...

Excellent comics.
Please post more Mandrakes with Narda in it.


tank calculation said...

Please post Bankelal series ..

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